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Before & After School Program

5 years to 9 years
The Renaissance Schools of Stillwater offers before and after school care for children ages kindergarten through age twelve (12). 

We offer a flexible before and after school program providing an enriching environment with fun activities and projects designed to enhance the self-esteem of school age children. Because the program is based on choices, children gain independence and have the freedom to learn more about what interests them.

The Renaissance Schools of Stillwater school age program is designed to supplement the school experience of our school agers, providing children with opportunities to use and extend their knowledge obtained from school. We “mix it up” offering them freedom of choice and time to relax.

Children may have self choice of a variety of hands on activities, including:

• Homework Nook
• Computer Labs
• Karaoke
• Board Games
• Outdoor Sports
• Craft Projects
• Dramatic Play
• Woodworking
• Science Projects
Our Kids Kastle (Richmond Campus) and Pokes Club House (Sangre Campus) counselors are available and flexible, to better meet the needs of their students. You might find them out playing ball, assisting with homework or assisting a child with a troubling experience at school. The Kids Kastle counselors are trained with the understanding of the needs of school age children. Our goal is that our counselors are coaches, friends and confidants to the students.

The Campuses offer all day care and special activities for the days the children do not have public school, as well as a Summer program. The activities for school age children are well planned, surrounding a theme and allowing children to enjoy their time out of school or their summer vacation in an exciting, fun, and creative manner. Field Trips play a big part of our planned activities. Skating, swimming, movies, bowling, museums and theme parks are all KEY field trips for our school age program.

Our program includes transportation to and from all six elementary schools. The program includes breakfast, lunch (if applies) and a healthy after school snack. Our Kids Kastle is separate from the main building, offering our school age children a sense of “separation” from the childcare facility. It is important that our children feel that their childcare needs are met in a clubhouse atmosphere.
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