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Why Choose Child Care And Involved Parenting?

Why Choose Child Care?

• Better mother-child relationships
• Fewer behavior problems
• Faster school readiness
• Greater thinking skills
• Better attention skills
• Higher achievement scores
• Enhanced academic performance
• Better work habits in older children
• Better relationship with peers
• Greater chance for finishing school and attending college
Information gathered from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, Early Learning, Later Success: The Abecedarian Study and Significant Benefits: The High/Scope Perry Preschool Study.

Promoting Your Child's Development

• Be warm, loving and responsive.
• Respond to your child's needs.
• Talk, read, and sing to your child.
• Establish routines and rituals.
• Give your child safe places to play and explore.
• Make TV watching selective.
• Use discipline as a chance to teach.
• Know that each child is different.
• Choose quality child care and stay involved.
Guidelines adapted from I Am Your Child "The First Years Last Forever - The New Brain Research and Your Child's Healthy Development"

Involved Parents Make a Difference!

After choosing a child care provider, stay involved and get to know the person who cares for your child.

• Visit often.
• Talk to your child's teacher.
• Share information and ask questions.
• Spend time with your child at child care.
• Look around, see what's going on.
• Sit down for awhile and play or read with the children.
• Know your child's friends.
• Meet other parents.
• Participate in the parent program and attend meetings and special events.
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