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3 years to 4 years
The Renaissance Schools of Stillwater’s Preschool Program is designed so children can explore with their minds and their movement. Preschoolers engage in hands-on learning centers: language, science, art, computers, math, dramatic play and music. 

Our program is designed to offer our children a solid foundation with all the skills needed to succeed in Pre-Kindergarten and to continue to thrive academically.

The Renaissance Schools of Stillwater’s preschool program helps children build self-confidence and a love for learning. To meet the developmental needs of three and four-year-olds, we offer two separate programs- our Preschool I program and our Preschool II program. 

Preschool I is designed for children at a three-year-old developmental level. Our Preschool II program is designed for children at a four-year-old developmental level. We group our children by developmental abilities.

Our classrooms and playgrounds are designed to encourage safe exploration, allowing children to discover, have fun and learn. The Preschool program is designed to be “hands on” and fun, so children don’t just learn, they love to learn. The Renaissance Schools of Stillwater allows children to “play” and “have fun” while obtaining the necessary skills for a successful educational future.
Our Preschool Programs have the leadership of Lead teachers with early childhood educational backgrounds, both with teachers holding degrees. The Lead Teachers have a solid understanding of the needs of preschool children and the knowledge of the necessary goals for the children’s preschool learning success.

The teachers complete a Renaissance Goal Assessment Card on each child. The Goal Assessment card allows the teachers to keep accurate account of your child’s development. A Parent/Teacher conference is scheduled two times per year. We also offer a replacement to the usual daily sheet by using the childcare app Brightwheel. This app keeps you updated in real time regarding your child’s day, and our teachers are available to directly communicate with you regarding your child.
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