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Toddler Program

1 year to 2 years
The Renaissance Schools toddler room is set up to provide a fun and flexible environment that supports each child’s need for a balanced day of stimulating activity, quiet time, small group interactions, free choice play and independent exploration. 

The Toddler room is a setting in which a toddler can explore his/her day with a safe and carefully planned program. We offer a replacement to the usual daily sheet by using the childcare app Brightwheel. This app keeps you updated in real time regarding your child’s day, and our teachers are available to directly communicate with you regarding your child.

We surround our children with age appropriate toys and materials to encourage exploration and discovery and enhance their overall development. We provide every opportunity for your child to develop his/her own interests with a variety of play centers within the classroom. Activities within these play centers help reinforce skills and concepts. In each play area of our toddler room you will find areas for children to explore and learn while having fun.

Our Play Areas include, Homeliving/Dramatic Play; Blocks/Manipulative; Large Motor and a sensory area. All Play Areas embrace a “hands on” approach to learning. Allowing children to touch, feel and experience all aspects of his/her day. Toddlers learn by playing and exploring, so we allow plenty of both. Our teachers offer gentle guidance and encouragement to help along, creating a well-designed balance between new activities and established routine.
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