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Infant Program

6 weeks to 1 year
The Renaissance Schools Infant Nursery is a warm, soft, language rich environment designed to support nurturing and opportunities for sensory motor exploration. The program is designed for the individual development at the child’s natural pace.

Our Infant Nursery is full of attractive pictures, mobiles, colors and soft toys to stimulate exploration. We talk and read to our infants, we hold them and gently rock them to encourage their overall development. Well-designed rooms have specific places for sleeping, playing, diapering and feeding, providing a sense of order and security for a happy atmosphere.
Our Infant curriculum program is designed to reflect the important qualities found at home while exposing your infant to new challenges and the benefit of group experiences.

Our Infant developmental program is designed to meet the individual developmental needs of babies from the ages of 6 weeks through 12 months. 

Our program allows individual assessments of our babies in the areas of emotional, social, gross motor, fine motor, cognitive and language development. We offer a replacement to the usual daily sheet by using the childcare app Brightwheel. This app keeps you updated in real time regarding your child’s day, and our teachers are available to directly communicate with you regarding your child.

Our Infant Nursery has a soft “nursery” décor. The nursery is lighted with soft lighting and calming music to ensure an environment inviting to our babies. The Infant teachers are responsive and loving to the babies, offering a true sense of security to each individual child.

Our Infant program provides all Gerber products, this includes formula, cereal, stage 1 and stage 2 baby foods. You will need to provide Diaper, Wipes, 3 sanitized bottles, and a change of clothing.

Our strict Universal Precautions program includes proper sanitation of all toys, equipment and furniture daily. The Renaissance Schools of Stillwater Oklahoma has a strong commitment to germ and bacteria control within our Infant Nursery.
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